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Hello. Name is John.
I took my first novice test in 1987 with my good friend Steve KB6VQV where he passed, and I failed the code. The test was administered by Willy, W6CKV and his XYL Jacquelyn, W6YKU in Paradise, Ca. The following week I am back up at Willy’s and his YL where I passed and received my Novice license KB6VRS with Tony KB6VRT. After a couple weeks Steve and I upgraded to Technician class. In about 1990 I upgraded to General with another good friend Mike KC6YMF in Chico with the Golden Empire Amateur Radio Society (GEARS). In 1994 I upgraded to Advanced class in Chico with GEARS again. Moving to Texas in 1996 I soon applied for the vanity call KE5RS. Finally, in 2003 I upgraded to Extra in Austin.

I am retired from 3M company in Austin where I was responsible for characterizing new product high speed Interconnects, cable and/or assemblies. 3M Interconnects
Patents: US5900588, US10090612, US10498059, WO2013151608A1

APRS Stuff:

Track Me ==> KE5RS-9
APRS Mapping:

APRS Path information & suggestions by Bob, WB4APR

KE5RS-9 TT4 into GE Rangr Setup and Images

Catch me on the air sometimes in the 20 meter band around 14.230 MHz with SSTV or Allstar node 43782



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